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Unionology. Democracy already Everywhere. Disagree??

China, the USA, the USSR, Europe, Thailand with a monarchy, and even North Korea call themselves democratic. Almost all ruling regimes claim that there is a democracy, but it’s time to put things in order in your head.

A state, a corporation, a small enterprise — is a union of people united by common goods and interests, the result of common work and the development of this union is social protection and an increase in the well-being of people. (union)

A constitution or charter is a social contract, a set of rules and laws to ensure a comfortable and safe life for the people of this union.

Democracy is the power of the people and protection of the interests of the majority of the people of this union. Any union consists of ordinary people working, creating the results of labor, and developing this union. Any union, like any organism, is susceptible to the appearance of parasites — Elites, appropriating the assets and results of labor for themselves, as a result, the parasite lives at the expense of this organism. Some unions are created on the initiative of parasites and are presented by them as the greatest contribution to this union in order to further justify the appropriation of the results of the labor of most people. In fact, even these unions are always created and developed by ordinary people, and therefore these unions belong to them.

Fake democracy is the centralization of power by the elites, in such a system, as a rule, without money and connections, it is impossible for an ordinary person to engage in political activity and nothing depends on his opinion. Elites always try to control all created social institutions and production tools, they are interested in creating as many different groups in society as possible for their further confrontation. Therefore, they often create a multi-party system, instead of looking for a solution to the problem, they suggest looking for the right leaders in order for these leaders to solve the problem. In fact, a new elite is being created, which does not care about the problems of the common people, and everything that is done only for the sake of appearance and for the purpose of personal enrichment of this parasitic elite.

Social democracy is a system of decentralizing power to ordinary people through a distributed network of smaller unions consisting of activists — ordinary people on a local and professional basis. This is a search and solution of specific problems, not a search for a new leader who promises a better life. The interests of the majority of people are put at the head. This is when everyone has equal opportunities to use common property and assets for training and development, creative and professional self-realization, protection of their rights in accordance with the Constitution or the charter of the union, regardless of the conditions and family in which he was born.

Common property and assets.

The instruments of production and assets for creating the results of labor, products, or services of this union must be common. The division of parts of common property into larger or smaller shares, or even the appropriation by one person leads to the fact that there are people with more rights than others, and as a result, these people, or a group of people forming a large part of the shares, becoming a new parasitic elite appropriating a large part of the assets of this union and promote their personal interests and benefits. Therefore, the creation of common property and assets leads to social equality and the receipt of wages according to the results of their labor.

Tyranny and hidden dictatorship.

The parasitic elite seizing the union always dictate their own rules and try to keep what essentially belongs to the people by all available means. Using any means of suppressing dissent and socially oriented ideas.

The military dictatorship is the most primitive, it is open, it is visible, and for those who do not agree with the opinion of the elite — arrest, or execution.

The hidden dictatorship of the parasitic elite in many countries of Europe and Asia, the USA, almost everywhere. They talk a lot about freedom of speech, that you can say whatever you want, and indeed there you can shout loudly about your problem, say anything, for example, that Putin is an idiot or Trump is a Dork, or write a post on social networks about your problem — only opinions and problems ordinary people are not heard by the majority of the population, since ordinary people do not have access to the media. And if something is allowed in the media then censorship works, and the moderation of social networks pessimizes the views of posts, or even removes them altogether — the elite decides what is worth seeing to people and what is not. All again because the media is also a union in which there is parasitic elite lobbying for their personal interests.

Divide and rule. Imposed Self-centric Lifestyle.

In order to preserve the power of the parasitic elite, it is necessary to create as many people and groups of people opposing each other as possible. The most effective way to do this is to create a society of self-centered individuals who think only of themselves. What we are now seeing in many countries. For this, the media and popularized media personalities, influencers support the idea of ​​individualism and parasitic life at the expense of the labor of others. This also applies to small businesses.

Parasitism as a lifestyle.

Promote your personal brand! Become an entrepreneur! Financial independence! Believe in yourself! — all this nonsense to brainwash and make confrontation between ordinary people. As Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Harry Vee, and other business teachers will speak beautifully that you have to create your own business without creating a product, just be a middleman between the manufacturer and the consumer. Pseudo teachers will create a hypertrophied belief in themselves, in fact, they will not give a plan, or a working model of a business, or a production scheme, or plan for the creation of some kind of product. And this does not mean at all that it is not worth starting a small business, I am for the fact that people creating an enterprise would use proven working models for creating goods and services, instead of trying to reinvent their own bicycle, and wasting time and resources making mistakes. Also, there should be no exploitation of the labor of some people by other people, explaining that it is normal to receive a low salary, and most of the income is taken by one person or a group of people. But for people who want to live off the labor of others, the idea of ​​social justice is unacceptable, therefore we see comments from businessmen that socialism, social democracy are not good for them. Indeed, then ordinary people will receive much more from their labor.

That is why in the 50s in the Socialist Soviet Union, the level of welfare per capita was 13 times higher than in the USA, Great Britain, France, and other developing countries at that time. There was simply no parasitic elite who took most of the money for themselves. This money was enough to provide free housing, free health care, and a high level of education. With a huge number of advances in science and technology. The greatest economy in the world at that time was built by ordinary people who wanted social justice and did it. But in the 70s and 80s, the Soviet Union changed the constitution and made the party members higher than ordinary people, then the slow decomposition of the party began and in the 90s the Soviet Union was captured by the Zionists who rule it to this day and robbing the country. Immediately after the capture of the USSR, the UN canceled the decision of Resolution №4686 stating that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination. And now the Zionist foundations for the support of democracy and human rights are actively working in Asia, trying to push the new elite, and the parasitic elite has nothing to do with ordinary people as well as with human rights.

As for China, which calls itself sometimes a communist, sometimes a socialist state. Social and communist ideas are anti-elite, they are about social equality and social justice. What does the Chinese Winnie the Pooh do? He presents awards to the sister of the King of Thailand. A communist supporting the monarchy, it must be a mental disorder. China likes to copy … China copied the fatal mistake made in the Soviet Union by making political parties above ordinary people. By the way, therefore, now in China there are new anti-elite communists who are now fighting for social justice.

What to do next? First of all, share this article so that people have at least some kind of order in their heads about democracy and social democracy. And start working together on a project of a new social order in the world, contrary to the desire of the elites to divide and rule!

Corporation of Common Good