What is happening with Israel & Palestine?

The Jewish Zionist elite is getting rid of ordinary Jews, as when the same elite, having betrayed ordinary Jews in Germany, moved to Switzerland. Let me remind you that it was because of the Zionists that the conflict began in Germany — almost all of the media, financial and political elite in Germany consisted of Zionists. And then Zionist fascism lost to German Nazism in Germany, which is even worse. By the way, the situation is the same now in Russia, the USA, Europe, and many other countries, the overwhelming majority of elites are Zionist Jews. Now they are actively trying to push through the new elite in Asia. that’s why the Jew Zionist foundations for democracy and human rights have stepped up here. All these foundations do not care about the interests of ordinary people, like any other elite. Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ordinary Jews and Arabs die here, by the way, in fact, they are one people, the blood haplogroup is the same. Just the elite, as always, playing on national or other exclusivity wipes the elite’s ass using ordinary people… and then they will use anti-Semitism to defend Zionism… The End.

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